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Types of Games in Indonesian Online Togel

Types of Games in Indonesian Online Togel

Talking about the lottery there will definitely be no end for us to discuss. Moreover, this game is the most widely played gambling game. Indonesian online lottery is also very busy being played.

Almost the whole world must have this one gamble. This gambling may be a little different from soccer gambling. Basically, soccer betting is only guessing between one of the competing teams. But here you only guess from a number of the numbers provided. Lottery numbers have 4 digits that are often played. The number has different terms. From the result 4598 which means the term is 4 = As, 5 = Kop, 9 = head, and 8 = tail.

This game is very profitable because the prizes obtained from this game are many times your partner’s value. For example, if you put in a 4 digit number the prize you get is usually more than x3000 from your partner. If you install 100,000, you will get 300,000,000 million rupiah. Wow .. how come people are not interested in playing the lottery.

Trusted Indonesian Online Togel Gambling

Why is this country in the best position in this business? The profits obtained by the lottery are very high, there are very many branches and are busy playing. It is not wrong for bettors to dream of becoming a bookie, especially a lottery dealer. Best guess game where millions of rupiah are awarded, the power of the world is in your hands. From the choice of gambling that is always offered by the public, lottery has become the strongest game candidate. There are many other reasons that make online lottery betting at in great demand by people in Indonesia.

Togel is growing rapidly every year and now lottery can be played directly via the internet which is often known as online lottery. You can play online lottery with cellphones and internet assistance. So you can still play whenever and wherever you are. It’s not too difficult to bet in the online lottery. The first thing you have to do is register for the lottery in the online lottery.

There are some data that are needed when you register for the online lottery, such as bank and email data. Which is useful later for making fund transactions. You can make transactions through one of the accounts in the online lottery agent. Before registering and playing there are several types of online lottery games that you must understand before playing.

Types of Online Togel Games

There are many types of games available in online lottery games. Most types of games are just guessing numbers. Of the several games available, we will provide a few explanations that are mostly played by lottery gambling players. As follows :

4D / 3D / 2D

This is one of the basics of the lottery game. You only have to guess the number that will result in one of the online lottery markets. 4D is guessing 4 lottery numbers and if you win you will get a big prize from this game. 3D is 3 numbers and 2D is guessing the last 2 numbers in the lottery result. Each guess has a different prize depending on how many numbers are installed.

Precise Plug

The exact plug is to put one of the numbers precisely. Please note that the 4 lottery results have their own names such as axles, headers, heads and tails. If you install a precise plug, you only need to guess what numbers are on the axles of the head and tail of the lottery game.

Plug Free

Free plug-in consists of 3 types of games, namely plug-free, plug-in Macau and plug-in Dragon. Plug in freely is to guess one of the numbers from the 4 resulting numbers, no matter where the number is. And plug Macau is to guess 2 numbers from the result, while plug the dragon is to guess 3 free numbers that will result in one of the markets you want to play.

Colok Shio

You only guess one of the 12 zodiac signs. Each zodiac has its own number. The numbers in the zodiac will be matched with the last 2 numbers in the result. If you guess one of the zodiac who has a number with the last 2 digits in the result then you will win the prize. The number that is in the zodiac will change every Chinese New Year.