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History of the Capsa Susun Game to date

History of the Capsa Susun Game to date

Playing cards have many variations of gambling games to choose from, and there are special variations of games played by the players. The name of the game is This game has always been present to accompany residents in all regions, one of which is Indonesia.

The concept of the game is practiced in an almost equal way to another variation of playing cards called poker. However, the equation used in the game is also the use of combinations, where you can get a win if the player has the highest score.

The gameplay of this game is faster and simpler than the nearly equivalent variations. The most striking difference is that this game has a special combination that allows players to get automatic wins when they get it.

History of the Presence of the Capsa Susun Game

The popularity of the capsa susun game is of course due to the presence of the legend who spread it. Therefore, on this occasion we want to share information about the history of the game.

The beginning of the game is done using pebbles. Because the game of Toto SGP stacking is believed to be a revolution from the game of chess in the past, due to the same line of play.

There is a historian who says that the game also called “Big Two Capsa” is because it is used in honor ceremonies, or is also believed to be used as a medium of communication with the gods. At that time, this game was played on the dynasty of the ancient kingdom Mu-Tsung ruled.

At that time, capsa susun was played together with a game called “Pai Gow” which was converted into wood in the 18th century. As it has been changed and spread to the mass market, it turns out that the capsa game is more popular and has changed its playing media to copper plate.

It was also in that century that historians produced lithographic techniques and encouraged this game to become increasingly popular with many people. Accessing the 19th century, this game has entered Europe and they are playing it for their own way, which is to use tarot cards.

The development of the capsa susun game continues to grow until it uses playing cards. And until now the game has been enjoyed by fans for the online system. Many nations also play this game under different terms. But in Indonesia, this game is better known for capsa slamming or capsa susun